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For Real Estate Teams

Lofty helps real estate teams streamline their sales process, maximize collaboration across different team roles, and convert more leads into transactions.

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Why Choose Lofty?

More than 4000 teams across North America trust Lofty's Al-powered platform to accelerate their business growth. Why?
  • bullet_check_marked_green Time-saving Al automation
  • bullet_check_marked_green Stunning IDX websites
  • bullet_check_marked_green Convert up to 3X more leads
  • bullet_check_marked_green Custom team roles & lead routing
  • bullet_check_marked_green Seamless team communications

#1 KW Team
Lucido Global Accelerates Business Growth with Lofty

“Powered by Al, Lofty uniquely provides the innovative tools Lucido Global needs to effectively identify, nurture and convert leads for increased business. Within just 90 days, Lofty produced 187% more agreements, and drove an overall 42% increase in new business generation.” - Robert Lucido Jr., CSO | Lucido Global

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  • Guaranteed lowest price on new subscriptions and add-ons
  • Instant access to your new Lofty account upon sign-up
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