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Social Studio

Drive high-quality, low-cost lead generation with the first fully automated social media marketing tool for realtors.


Post to Multiple Mainstream Social Platforms with One Click

Integrate multiple social platforms and post to all of them with a single action! Quickly get your content in front of multiple audiences.
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Auto-Post Listings

  • The minute your listings or your team's listings sync from the MLS, the system will automatically publish posts to your integrated social channels.
  • Share authorized listings from others in your office/brokerage to maximize exposure.
  • Trigger new posts when the listing status changes to meaningful milestones.
  • Personalize your auto-post content to ensure that it represents your brand and unique offerings.
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  • Automatic Listing Videos

    Quickly create automatic listing intro videos. No editing required! Use the videos to quickly attract more traffic.

  • Feature Your Social Presence with a Website Social Feed

    Sync your social platform content directly to your site to provide more content and drive traffic to your social channels.

  • Track Social Engagement

    Tie social activity to business results. Use reporting demonstrate the value of social media activity.

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