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Real Estate Text Message Marketing Tips: SMS Drip Campaigns

The average response time is 90 seconds for a text message versus 90 minutes for an email! Whereas you should use phone calls to initiate contact and to build trust, text messages will help you fill time-sensitive gaps. For example, if you catch wind off market listing, send a text to your prospect to arrange a phone call or to set an in-person appointment at the listing at a later time.

But texts aren’t limited to single messages. Just like email drip marketing, you can also build text messages into your very own SMS drip campaign. How you structure your texts into a drip will depend on the type of lead, the lead source, and what stage the lead is in.

You can create an SMS drip campaign for your warm seller leads by sending them updated market information, including average closing price versus list price and average days on market.

Texts are a great way to supplement your lead follow up strategy but do not rely solely on texts to pull leads through your funnel. The key is balance each touch method by integrating texts carefully into your nurturing campaigns.

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