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Real Estate Lead Nurturing: The Best Ways to Contact Your Leads

With so many options and opportunities to contact your pesky cold leads, it can be dizzying to decide which works best for your client base – and for you.

There are, of course, two sides to this coin: what you are comfortable with and what the client is expecting. Depending on the niche you are pursuing, your clients may prefer a quick text or a postcard in their mailbox. They may even want to meet up for coffee and ask questions face-to-face. There’s a time and place for each type of communication, and the best way to choose which may be right for you and your base is to understand how to unlock the full potential of each.

While it’s very important to diversify yourself and reach out to leads in more ways than one, ultimately, email still reigns as the most preferred form of contact. It offers just the right balance for marketers (that’s you!) and consumers alike, making it the perfect avenue for you to focus on when crafting your next campaign.

So – are you ready to start using that email list that’s been gathering dust? Email is smarter than ever, and can be used in so many ways to tailor your message, whether you’re focusing on one specific group or casting your net a bit wider. BombBomb, for example, allows you to put yourself in your clients’ inboxes with digestible video content that grabs their attention like only video can. The best part? BombBomb now works with Chime, giving you that personal touch you’re striving for, and an even stronger arsenal of tools to boost your business.

Your clients are as unique as you are. No matter which way you communicate with them, set yourself apart with personal and interesting content that will keep them coming back for more.

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