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In the News: Inman on Chime/ EyeSpy360 Partnership for Virtual Home Tours

The interest in virtual home tours has exploded and it’s proven highly effective even as the pandemic slows. According to a recent survey from Zillow, 50% of listing agents believe “3D tours, virtual showings, and other technology” ultimately drove the price up for their recent closings.

That demand is why earlier this week we announced a new partnership with the team at EyeSpy360 to provide high-quality, affordable digital home showings direct from the Chime platform. No additional subscription to manage; no additional fee.

Inman covered the news and noted, “Chime’s responsive CRM, website tools, lead generation and transaction smart plans offer agents, teams and brokers a wide array of ways to augment business.” And went on to say, “Chime’s inclusion of virtual tour tech eliminates its customers’ need to consider the large list of available virtual tour providers, which ballooned throughout 2020’s pandemic-driven business demands.”

In short, our partnership with EyeSpy360 offers our clients another way to marry the most innovative tools on the market with our platform to save time, money, and effectively convert leads.

Check out the article from Inman to learn more about how we’re making digital home tours accessible and affordable.

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