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NEWS: Chime Acquires GeographicFarm

We all know how important geographic farming is when you’re trying to establish your real estate business in a particular area. And, of course, we understand the importance of integrating the key tools of your trade under one easy-to-use platform. So, acquiring GeographicFarm was the next natural step in Chime’s evolution!

GeographicFarm is a turnkey, 360° marketing solution for real estate businesses. This acquisition enhances the Chime suite by adding direct mail and telemarketing features to our powerful real estate operating system. The GeographicFarm integration gives you access to an even wider range of marketing tools to grow your brand, improve productivity and increase your bottom line.

Chime CMO Matt Murphy: “We’re always working to serve a diverse range of agents’ needs and transform the real estate industry. In GeographicFarm, we found a partner who’s committed to the same goals. Their innovative approach to farming is a perfect complement to Chime’s technology, and they represent a valuable addition to the Chime team.”

GeographicFarm CEO Jeff Campbell: “Our number one priority is our clients’ success. With the Chime integration, those clients can now leverage the powerful real estate operating system to expand lead generation and management through best in class technology — thus, saving time to focus on what they do best — selling homes and growing their business.”

GeographicFarm provides fully customizable lead capture landing pages that offer multiple home value estimates, using an easy-to-navigate three-step process. Streamlining direct mail systems, GeographicFarm’s templates and customizable designs fit any brand and market needs, and ensure marketing campaigns truly stand out from the crowd. Its effective, high-powered telemarketing features eliminate the need to spend hours each day on the phone. Instead, a dedicated call center utilizes proven scripts that generate and nurture new business leads, every day of the week.

We’re excited to take your Chime experience to the next level! See how far it can take you: schedule a GeographicFarm consultation today.