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Chime Unveils ChatGPT Integrations to Streamline Content Creation & Save Agents Valuable Time 

It’s a big day here at Chime as we unveil innovative new ChatGPT integrations to help eliminate the time consuming yet essential process of content creation for real estate marketing and communications. With nearly five years of experience humanizing the platform’s existing AI and continuous product development, this latest integration underscores our commitment to delivering innovative tech purpose built for the real estate community.  We are proud to be the first real estate technology company to deliver a practical application leveraging the power of ChatGPT to boost both efficiency and agent productivity.

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With intense pressure to identify, nurture, and convert leads in less time than ever, effective marketing has never more important!  Tommy Mutchler, Managing Broker at the REAL Broker and longtime Chime customer notes, “Chime’s integration with ChatGPT is going to change the future of real estate marketing. Agents will now be empowered to automate their business in ways they’ve never dreamed of.” 

New features include: 

  • — Auto-generated content for individual and mass communications via email and text
  • — Auto-generated content for marketing communications including blogs and social media posts 
  • — Robust library of templated, popular prompts
  • — Option to develop bespoke prompts based on specific customer needs 
  • — Intuitive editing capabilities to improve marketing content and messages with simple commands

Chime’s new ChatGPT features will help agents save valuable time, easily generate new ideas, improve the quality of content, reduce costs, and scale effectively – all with the click of a button.  Relying on our new ChatGPT functionality, agents can rest assured knowing the database they have worked so hard to build is regularly engaged with relevant and meaningful content, carefully curated to fuel the pipeline with sales ready leads. 

Want to learn more about how ChatGPT can help you create campaigns, content and communications more efficiently?  Get in touch with our sales team at sales@chimeinc.com.  Learn more about new ChatGPT features HERE