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Creating the Best Real Estate Business Cards

New year, new connections! There are so many tools at your disposal as a real estate agent in this technology era, from Facebook to mobile-friendly CRMs, but one of the most important tools is probably sitting in your wallet right now. Your business card. With nearly 27 million business cards printed daily, we’ve put together inspiration for creating the best real estate business cards.

Your business card is your brand. When a potential client steps out of a particularly fabulous open house, they’ll have a single tangible thing to remember you by: your business card. What does it look like? What message does it send? Does it represent you? How about your business? Good real estate business cards are key players in generating quality leads – from the smooth hand off at the end of a conversation at Inman Connect to the subtle reminder it gives your clients from the bottom of their desk drawer. How are you going to stand out from the crowd to make good on that excellent first impression? Remember, a bad business card is often worse than no business card at all! Here are a few examples of effective real estate business cards:

real estate business cards

Modern, clean, yet unique. This real estate business card breaks convention with it’s unique shape and size, which guarantees it will stand out from the other cards. This design is especially useful at conventions and trade shows.

real estate business cards

Changing the business card material can have the same effect as changing the shape. Laser engraving can also help your card stand out from the rest, too. However, if you use a high volume of business cards, remember that stainless steel is more expensive than traditional paper.

Now that we’ve seen two examples of great real estate business cards, here are a few examples of outdated and ineffective business cards:

real estate business cards

One of the worst mistakes you can make is leaving out important contact information. Today, this even includes your Facebook page and Twitter handle! Give prospects every opportunity to contact you. You never know who will prefer a direct message, text, or even a post over a traditional phone call. Remember, being too minimalist can send the wrong message.

real estate business cards

Clashing colors. Unreadable fonts. If you have to squint to try to figure out what your business card says, then so will your clients and colleagues. Don’t stand out for the wrong reasons! While both of these options may appear to have plenty of information to go around, the way they’re laid out is enough to land them in the shredder.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good real estate business card. When considering what you might do for your own design, remember who your audience is and what you’re trying to portray. That business card will most likely spend much more time with them than you will, so put your best foot forward.

Stand out with bold colors, materials, unique shapes, or fun designs. Get creative, but remember to keep it legible and clean. Make it clear what you’re selling, how they can contact you, and how they can find out more information.

When designing your next business card, remember to always include:

  • Your full name
  • What you do (Agent, broker, etc)
  • Where you do business (Los Angeles, etc)
  • Your IDX website address
  • Your phone number and email address
  • Social handles

Are you proud of your real estate business card? Share your design with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn!