Top Producing KW Team Relies on Chime to Boost Conversion Rates by Nearly 200%

Lucido Global replaces legacy platform to improve agent productivity, support scalability, and increase the bottom line

Phoenix, AZ - Nov 1, 2021 – Chime Technologies, an award-winning sales acceleration system for the real estate industry, today announced Lucido Global, one of the top producing KW teams worldwide, has achieved significant and measurable results utilizing Chime. Within just 90 days, Chime produced 187% more agreements with an average price per agreement of $650,000, 34% higher than those on their previous CRM. Chime’s intuitive platform, innovative AI capabilities, and powerful API provide the functionality and integrations Lucido Global agents need to work smarter and generate more business. To learn more about this customer story, visit HERE.

Quick Stats - Lucido Finds Success with Chime:

• Conversion rate to agreement increased 187%

• Listing conversions increased by 108%

• Average sales opportunity up 56%

• Average sales opportunity $615,000+

Robert Lucido Jr., chief strategy officer at Lucido Global, keenly understands that to be successful, modern real estate firms need to leverage technology to innovate, automate, and streamline. When it became apparent that tech innovation had outpaced Lucido Global’s existing CRM, he knew his team needed a next generation technology stack capable of supporting their aggressive approach to innovation. Powered by AI, Chime uniquely provides the innovative tools Lucido Global needs to effectively identify, nurture and convert leads for increased business. Since relying on Chime, Lucido Global reports a 42% increase in business generation from digital advertising.

Chime Smart Dialers, Smart Plans and AI Assistant Drive Engagement; Boost Conversion

Chime seamlessly automates the redundant, time consuming, and manual tasks that plague real estate professionals. By eliminating these tasks, Chime empowers Lucido Global’s agents to invest more time into revenue generating activities and client service. Chime’s integrated smart dialers, for example, help agents expedite the rate at which they connect with leads across their database and quickly prioritize high value leads for further engagement.

“Everything we do is about optimizing the value of time and Chime is instrumental in helping us achieve this goal,” notes Lucido Jr. “Almost immediately, Chime helped us recoup valuable time and ensure our agents stay focused on revenue generating activities.”

With built-in capabilities to customize and vary outreach based on a lead’s profile, activities, and additional insights, Chime’s unique Smart Plans enabled Lucido Global to consolidate more than 100 drip plans into 8 smart plans, significantly streamlining follow up and driving effective utilization. Further, Chime Smart Plans uniquely support graphic customization, multimedia content and third-party integrations to deliver more value and capture increased engagement. After overhauling their campaigns with multimedia and formatted content, the Lucido team saw their automated email open rate climb to over 30%.

Powered by Google’s machine learning and natural language processing technologies, Chime’s AI Assistant delivers better accuracy in recognizing leads’ intention and provides more helpful responses to boost conversion rates. In just one month, Chime’s AI assistant effectively engaged with Lucido Global prospects during non-business hours and converted 11 leads. Armed with the unmatched insight AI Assistant delivers, Lucido Global’s ISA teams are better positioned to hit the ground running, leading to higher level engagement with sales-ready leads.

“Because Chime’s AI Assistant is based on Google machine learning, it's only getting better, improving month over month. As a result, you're going to get better CPL and higher quality opportunities,” said Lucido Jr.

As the team continues to expand, Chime is making it possible for Lucido Global to gain greater market share. By relying on Chime’s innovative platform to create more business opportunities and support greater efficiencies, Lucido Global effectively maintains its strong foothold as a leader in the real estate industry.

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