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Download — INTRO TO TECH - How You Can Leverage Technology to Advance, Expand, and Dominate

Technology doesn't have to be scary or overly technical. Understanding the fundamentals of today's and tomorrow's tools - easy-to-use tech like chatbots and an integrated CRM - can attract talent to your team and grow your business. 

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • Why technology is crucial for your business
  • Which tech tools are essential today
  • How tech fits into your real estate approach
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Intro to Tech

Get your geek game on and discover why high-tech tools are the only way to stay ahead today. We'll guide you through the sea of software to understand which tech you need for growing your business and making your life easier!

Chime + Nate Joens



Nate Joens
Nate is the CEO and Co-Founder of Structurely, helping real estate businesses spend more time closing and less time qualifying. Structurely's Aisa Holmes is an artificial intelligence assistant that qualifies real estate leads through messaging. Nate has been a featured speaker and Inman Connect events, the Realogy FWD Summit and more. 
Are you ready to transform your business with the first real estate operating system?

Chime provides search engine marketing and can supplement your social media efforts by running lead generation campaigns on your behalf. Using AI-based bid management and optimization strategies, Chime runs hundres of permutations on every ad campaign each week to ensure you reach the right users at the right time.

Chime is the only platform in the market that integrates social intelligence into its lead generation platform.