Chime and Revaluate Combine AI-driven Technologies to Deliver Next Level Lead Conversions

Partnership will help real estate professionals pinpoint leads that have the highest propensity to transact

Phoenix, AZ - May 25, 2021 – Chime Technologies, award-winning sales acceleration system for the real estate industry, and Revaluate, a data company that reveals likely movers, today announced the two companies have joined forces to help real estate professionals zero in on the leads that have the highest propensity to transact and bolster conversions. Both solutions are highly regarded for their innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. By integrating capabilities directly into the Chime platform, the partnership will combine lead insights from within the Chime system with real-world data sources from Revaluate’s proprietary database to pinpoint the hottest leads. To learn more, check out our blog post.

As the adoption of digital technologies continues to accelerate, the real estate industry has increasingly found itself awash in a veritable sea of online leads. The challenge for brokers is how to surface the right leads – those that meet the criteria as “sales ready” – and drive those opportunities to close.

Fueled by AI, Chime’s innovative lead scoring system enables agents to identify “hot” leads and prioritize lead nurturing efforts. In tandem, Revaluate’s system offers data insights on real life events -- such as a birth or estate transition -- and predicts how and when that may impact a real estate transaction. By synthesizing the power of these two systems, real estate professionals will have the next level data and predictive insights they need to prioritize their efforts around leads that are ready to sell in the next six months.

“It’s pretty simple, really. First, focus your marketing and sales efforts on those prospects who are most likely to move. Second, leverage the AI in Chime to automate nurture and conversion efforts across the database, using the Revaluate score to vastly improve the efficiency and match the message to the moment,” said Chris Drayer, CEO of Revaluate.

According to Revaluate’s own data, nearly 100,000 people move each day. Through an independent evaluation, the company’s “likely to move” prediction technology has been found to accurately predict when a prospect will move one out of five times. Coupled with Chime’s unique AI-driven scoring system and powerful automation capabilities, real estate professionals can zero in on the leads most likely to close.

“Our industry continues to grapple with an overabundance of online leads. Instead of focusing on acquiring more leads, agents and brokers need to capitalize on converting those they already have and leverage technology to prioritize which opportunities deserve attention and nurturing,” noted Mike McGowan, vice president, sales for Chime. “By working with Revaluate we can offer our clients yet another powerful integration to identify the right leads, ready to buy or sell right now.”

Read our latest blog to learn more.

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