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Most real estate agents understand that the best channel for reaching home buyers and sellers is online — particularly online via mobile. Whether they're browsing home listings, tracking down an agent, or reading reviews on social media, today's market lives out of the palm of their hand. The real issue is: how do you humanize your digital interactions so your personal touch isn't lost among the electronic clutter? This infographic provides you some interesting data to help you come out on top in the mobile world.


In this infographic, we show you :

  • The importance of The Platinum Rule
  • The reality of the "I Need It Now" society
  • How integrating with mobile is essential today
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Go Behind the Device

The personal touch is what's all-too-often lost in the mobile-first world. But that human aspect is what helps build relationships, build trust, and build brand. The data in this infographic shows that customers want and need easy access to your listing information and value-added resources. But along with that automated electronic connection, you need to remember that there's a human being on the other end of that screen. We teamed up with EXIT Realty CEO Tami Bonnell; and John Lim, Director of Innovation and Technology for EXIT Realty, to bring you this valuable infographic.

Tami Bonnell + John Lim + Chime

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