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You've got leads pouring into the top of your funnel. That's great! So, now what do you do with them?

All the leads in the world are of no use unless you know how to CONVERT. We worked with top real estate coach Bob Corcoran to nail down the basics of lead conversion that every real estate professional should learn, live and love!

In this ebook, you'll learn how to:

  • Unlock attitude & time management secrets
  • Understand tracking
  • Discover lead gen systems & follow up skills
  • Incorporate marketing automation as an essential part of your lead conversion plan
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Let's Get Basic on Lead Conversion

Lead generation is critical to success, but a leaky sales funnel sabotages your ability to bring those leads through to a closed deal. While there are many tips, tricks, and tools available for helping you nurture leads, it all begins with a fundamental understanding of what makes for good lead conversion and how to best position your own attitudes, beliefs, and habits to make optimal use of the tools and systems available for becoming a closing machine. Get ready for a crach course in conversion!

Chime + Bob Corcoran


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Bob is the founder of The Real Estate Learning Institute, RELI, an international real estate, mortgage, and small business coaching company committed to helping clients balance success in business, while building value in life.
Since forming his first coaching company in 1989, Bob has worked with thousands of top agents worldwide in developing and implementing customized, money-saving business systems. 
Are you ready to transform your business with the first real estate operating system?

Chime provides search engine marketing and can supplement your social media efforts by running lead generation campaigns on your behalf. Using AI-based bid management and optimization strategies, Chime runs hundres of permutations on every ad campaign each week to ensure you reach the right users at the right time.

Chime is the only platform in the market that integrates social intelligence into its lead generation platform.