Brad Warren

Although you can not manage time, you can manage the promises and commitments you make to accomplish something in a given timeframe. Brad Warren, real estate business coach and author, breaks down the basics on time blocking, learning to say no, and managing the activities that drive your business.



The ONE Thing workshop


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Brad Warren

Brad Warren 

Using a very practical, down-to-earth approach in both his coaching and training, Brad brings over 36 years experience in a number of fields to his work.  Utilizing a lot of humor and audience participation in his custom designed seminars, he gets the job done by working closely with the client in the beginning to figure out “the gap” between where the participants are and where the company wants them to be at the end of the training.  Likewise with his coaching clients, Brad spends a significant amount of time up front determining what the clients’ goals are, and then designing a program to reach those goals.  He believes that the client drives the agenda – Brad is the coach/trainer, the client is the performer.

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