Matthew Morrison & April Wong

Come watch as we jump head-first into the deep end! This is the inaugural episode of our podcast, Ring in the Sales: an on-demand, online show about all things real estate. Meet our hosts, Matthew Morrison and April Wong, and get a taste of things to come. Visit ringinthesales.com to subscribe or submit your questions or topic/speaker suggestions. This isn’t just us talking at you...it’s a collaborative effort where YOU help shape the podcast!

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Ring in the Sales

Real estate professionals put in a lot of “windshield time” whether it's in-between listing appointments, showing property, or just commuting to and from the office. Ring in the Sales weekly real estate podcast strives to be the go-to resource to help fill that time with great content and interviews from real estate industry leaders, hosted by Matthew Morrison and April Wong. Learn the tips, tricks, and tactics to move your real estate business and career to the next level. 

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